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Web Design & Software Development

We are full stack developers focus on building websites that give better experience and use the latest technology to make website is user interactive.

Web Server and Email Hosting Support

We offer hosting support that suit business needs and allows organizations to make their website accessible on the Internet via the world wide web.

Register Domain Name & SSL Certificate

Professional emails at domain name helps business maintain professional appearance and builds business brand awareness and allow consumer trust.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Designed to reach out to subscribers and sequence of marketing efforts that contacts multiple recipients, provide valuable content and relevant offers.

Invoice Generator & Billing Software

The invoice is a commercial document that itemizes and records a transaction between buyer and seller and statement of services delivered to client.

Logo Design & Branding Solutions

Logo stand for language of graphics-oriented, is a symbol, emblem, or graphic mark used to identify an organization and it is the first impression of business.


About us

Crihost Network is the leading provider of online web applications which help clients across the globe to establish business, build brand identity and allows organization accessible on the Internet via the World Wide Web.

Our vision is to deliver the best possible solutions and guarantees lightning-fast connectivity, multi-layered security and true redundancy. We are committed to offer more than client's expectation and focus on providing cost effective solutions. We have very efficient team of expert designers with industry proven quality and pro-efficiency in HTML or any web authoring tools. We have the lowest prices as well as the best professional staff to help anytime.


Choose your plan

that suits your business and traffic of website

Basic Plan


economy - static

  • Domain Hosting : ₹ 3000/-
  • Web Development : ₹ 5000/-
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Standard Plan


essential - dynamic

  • Domain Hosting : ₹ 4000/-
  • Web Development : ₹ 12,000/-
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Advanced Plan


enhanced - advanced

  • Domain Hosting : ₹ 5000/-
  • Web Development : ₹ 25,000/-
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How it works

Discovery, Design and Deployment

Step 1

First step is to register domain name. Domain name is how people refer to website and find it on the Internet.


Step 2

Second step is to select hosting plan that suit your website needs and decide how much bandwidth require for website.


Step 3

Third step is to collect data from client like page content, website logo, gallery images, contact form details, so on.


Step 4

After completion of website design, need approval from client to finalize website before publishing on the Internet.

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Team Management

Teamwork, objective and performance appraisals.

Sai Kiran

Sai KiranFor most organizations, ERP systems are the backbone of their business and its helps clients cost-effectively deploy, manage, and maintain to maximize the value of their platform investment.Sai Kiran

Sai Kiran

Rahim Jani

Rahim JaniWe create, implements, integrates, and maintains custom software applications to help support your growth and achieve and delivers applications designed to meet specific business objectives.Rahim Jani

Rahim Jani

Gopi Charan

Gopi CharanWe customize our services and support according to each client’s special needs by employing flexible service models drawn from years of experience helping clients outsource software services.Gopi Charan

Gopi Charan

Aneel Kumar

Aneel KumarWe pride on being flexible and reacting quickly to client’s business needs and offer a range of service models from staff augmentation to full offshore delivery of complex business process services.Aneel Kumar

Aneel Kumar

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